Who we are

We help you save:
When you go shopping, there is more in my mind than just the shopping. You want the best stuff and you want the best deals. Most of all you do not want to pay more money when there is really no need to. There is nothing more regretful than realizing after the billing is over that you could have got a better deal there.
We understand the dilemma that people go through when they are out shopping and that is why we have come out with this application that will help you not only be sorted with your shopping but also help you clinch super deals. Your hard earned money is not to be splurged off just like that.
The application is compatible on all platforms:
The real good news is that our application is compatible with all the available platforms. If you have a smart phone which works on the Apple or the Android software, just does not matter. You can download this app into your smart phone and shopping will be like one great vacation.
Wait, there are other great features too:
The application allows you to even create your own personalized shopping list and it also a predictive feature where it will automatically suggest you the items to be added on to your weekly or fortnightly shopping list based on its database of the previous shopping list. So, when you are out shopping, you do not any more need to take a physical shopping list with you.
The app is linked with Google maps:
The app is linked with Google maps and currently is totally compatible with the whole of the America. So, even if you are holidaying in another part of the country, the app will suggest you the closest place to shop. This feature is extremely useful when you want to emergency shop at the health departmental.