The fine qualities of a successful couponer

What does couponing mean?
The term does sound amusing and may be misunderstood to be some hobby or a pre occupation. Infact, amusingly there is also a term called “extreme couponing” which is incidentally borrowed from an English television series by the same name. The term comes from a live television series that was aired in the US and was very popular there in the early millennium.
The show which had participants from all walks of lives challenging one another and competing to buy the most amounts of food and other stuff from the departmental stores at amazingly less amount of money and of course with the use of coupons collected by them. The winner was the person who could strike a deal with the stores to buy from them the most by paying the least in the currency but optimally using the coupons collected.
The participants had the choice of the stores. Its location and they were also allowed to use the coupons collected in conjunction with the ongoing promotional offers and seasonal sale. The adrenaline pumping show was a runaway success and it taught the viewers one big lesson of their lives. And that was that it is plausible that stuff worth thousands of dollars can be procured from the super stores at little cost and sometimes walk away with more coupons and gift vouchers that promise to reduce the burden of shopping in the subsequent shopping trips, incredible!
The results of the show may be slightly exaggerated or difficult to emulate every single time that one makes a shopping expedition. But a prudent couponer is one who has the noblest and all encompassing intention to do complete shopping and also to save as much money as can be possible with the help of honestly but ingeniously using the collected coupons.
It is hard earned money, after all:
There is no harm in saving whatever money you can save with an effort to collect some coupons while you are browsing on your newspapers or magazines or Sometimes, the shop where you do your weekly shopping will distribute flyers producing which you may get some percentage of rebate. If the dates for the offer is farther away, it may be a good idea to pick yourself some more incase it is for an item that you shop for often at that place.
Keep this in mind – the couponing habit is not compulsive:
There may be misconceptions regarding the compulsiveness of cutting and collecting coupons even f the person does not need it. The premise may be just an argument put forth by the skeptics and it is far from the reality.
A couponer is one who spends his time constructively in collecting coupons from various media and sources and then effectively uses them to procure the necessities at a fraction of its value.

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Couponing is a science and an art and learning the ropes may take slightly longer but once you are fully trained, your couponing adventures and shopping experiments will be something that you will look forward to and specially fun will be when you determine the amount of money you managed to save for the day.
Sport the correct attitude:
There is no awkwardness or shame associated with collecting coupons and spending them at the counter. In fact, you give this important message to your children, family and the immediate society that you care for your hard earned cash and in no case would you splurge them when you can save them.
Be ready to walk the talk:
When the initial excitement dies down, you are bound to feel the monotony and the drudgery of cutting and collecting the coupons. But with revived interest you will keep on with the good work. Newspapers and magazines; Departmental catalogues; Manufacturer’s coupons; package coupons and online coupons should all be within your radar.
Spending a little to save more:
Coupons in newspapers can be collecting by buying more copies. This idea may be adopted in case you feel the offer is too good to be missed. The printed coupons may also cost you marginally but you will need to take a call on this in every single case.
Putting your analytical skills to good use:
Go for smaller packages if you have multiple coupons and opt for economy pack if the product has longer shelf life. Again, the analysis and your call is to be taken from case to case. No one principle that fits for all.
Cultivate Patience:
Staying composed and calm all through collecting and then exchanging them at the counter is the secret way to save loads of cash in a year. The result is worth it. You may enough cash that you saved to buy something you kept postponing all the time! Go for it, we say.